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a fully qualified and insured Reiki Master,  Animal Healer and Trust Technique® practitioner


I am a fully qualified and insured Reiki Master, Animal Healer with the Healing Animals Organisation and Trust Technique® practitioner.  Being passionate about animals all my life and growing up with cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, mice and rats, I decided in 2016 to learn more about animals and how we can support them throughout their life, in ill health and old age.

I attended several animal communication workshops and training in 2016 and then completed and qualified in the animal communication practitioner with James French. In 2017/2018 I trained in and obtained the diploma in the Trust Technique® for domestic animals, followed by the professional one year practical diploma in animal healing, and practitioner certificate in natural food animal remedies and sensory enrichment for dogs, cats and small animals in 2018.


Animal Communication Training 2 (ACT2)
Practitioner with James French

Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for
People with their Animals: Trust Technique® Practitioner

Diploma in Animal Healing with Elizabeth Whiter

Certificate in Natural Food Animal Remedies and Sensory Enrichment with Elizabeth Whiter

Reiki Master

Relax HAOK9 Massage® with Dr Les Ellam & Elizabeth Whiter

Diploma in Equine Healing with Elizabeth Whiter

Relax HAOEquine Massage® with Jo Charlesworth & E Whiter

Diploma in Equine Sensory Enrichment with E Whiter

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Healing promotes relaxation. In a calm and peaceful environment, the animal will be able to relax, rebalance and re-energise; healing supports the body to heal itself. The body itself is the greatest healer and to assist the body, we can use healing as a complementary therapy. Healing not only helps with relaxation and recuperation, but also re-homing and rehabilitation. It is helpful with all kinds of physical and emotional conditions, supporting the body holistically instead of focusing on one of the conditions. I use in-depth consultation, animal husbandry skills and knowledge of environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between the animal and carer.

During the consultation we will look at the animal’s history, followed by a healing session. The animal and pet guardian can relax and allow the body to rebalance and re-energise. The pet guardian will also learn how to create an environment the animal can relax in and to be there for the animal creating a special bond and relationship.


Food and health are closely linked together. The closer the diet is to what nature intended the easier it is for the body to make sure it has all required nutrients. In the wild animals self-select the herbs and plants they need. Herbs are an important part of a balanced diet and herbs infused in sunflower oil are loved by many animals. The selection includes rosehip, calendula,  chickweed, catnip, seaweed, nettle, linseed and mint. The selected herb infused oils can be offered to the animal as a supplement to the daily diet.

During the consultation we will look at the animal’s history. The animal will then be offered a small amount of the herb infused oils one by one so that the animal can self-select the oils it needs. The self-selection process is followed by a healing session, where the animal and pet guardian can relax and allow the body to rebalance and re-energise.


The Trust Technique® promotes a mindful approach in our dealings with animals and is based on the understanding that animals and humans share feelings. It uses the present moment to create a space of authenticity and true listening. By focusing on the present moment it quietens the mind and allows the human to create a peaceful environment which is then shared with the animal. It enables both to let go of the past, rehabilitate and learn and work together in trusted cooperation.  It also helps the human to connect to the animal and build a much deeper relationship, trust and confidence.

During the consultation, I will provide an overview over and demonstrate the Trust Technique® and then teach the pet guardian to use the Trust Technique® with their own domestic animal(s). 

As a complementary therapist I work very closely with the veterinary fraternity in a holistic approach for the highest good of all animals. If you are in any doubt about the welfare of your animal(s) please consult your veterinarian first.


I won’t charge a fee for the consultation, but will ask for a donation to an animal charity instead.


I am a volunteer and fundraiser for D.O.G Rescue Cyprus (Dali Organized Group), a registered charity in the UK, which takes care of stray and unwanted dogs in Cyprus and re-homes them in Cyprus and in the UK.  


There are thousands of stray dogs and stray/feral cats in Cyprus. Charities and animal welfare organisations like D.O.G. Rescue Cyprus find hundreds of animals a new home, but there are many more who need rescue and care. The organisations are dependent on charitable donations and are often run exclusively by volunteers as they do not receive any government funding.


The work of a volunteer involves taking care of the dogs’ basic needs, helping them to relax and settle into their new environment, building trust and confidence with humans and other dogs, socialisation and training. The funding is used to pay the monthly food bill, vaccinations, neutering/spaying and paying for the veterinary treatment that they so often need.

The Healing Animals Organisation (HAO) has been set up to help animals in need. All animals benefit from healing. As a registered member of the HAO, I participate in fundraising activities  and volunteering work in the UK and outreach programmes abroad. 


  • The RSPCA Brighton in the UK is an entirely self-funding charity run by volunteers, providing a temporary home to dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles and many other animals. The HAO regularly visits the RSPCA and provides healing to the animals as well as raising funds to support their invaluable work. During my diploma year in 2018 I went there on numerous occasions working with cats and dogs and raised funds at the RSPCA Summer Open Day.

  • Once a year, the HAO visits D.O.G Rescue Cyprus in Larnaka Cyprus with a small group of volunteers. I joined them on their trip in 2018 and 2019 working for a week alongside the other volunteers with the wonderful dogs in the kennels.

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